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Granite Stone

Discover the Strength and Beauty of Granite Stone

Journey with us through the robust and beautiful world of granite stone. At Excel Marble And Granite, we are devoted to harnessing the natural strength of granite and using it to enhance the aesthetics of your spaces. Granite's unique grain structure and rich palette make it a prized material in any design project, especially when crafting exquisite granite worktops in London for kitchens and countertops for bathrooms.


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Symphony of Marble Stone

Granite Kitchen Worktops in London

Granite Kitchen Worktops in London are synonymous with durability and style. They withstand the hustle and bustle of the busiest kitchens while effortlessly maintaining their elegance. ExcelMG prides itself on crafting exquisite granite worktops that not only serve as a functional surface for your cooking endeavors but also become a defining feature of your kitchen’s aesthetic.


Granite Bathroom Countertops in London

Just as it graces kitchens, granite brings an element of luxury and longevity to bathrooms. Granite Bathroom Countertops in London are strikingly beautiful, highly durable, and require minimal maintenance. At Excel Marble And Granite, we craft custom granite vanities that perfectly align with your bathroom design, transforming the space into a serene retreat.


Granite for Staircase in London

Add a touch of grandeur to your home or office with Granite for Staircase in London. The enduring strength of granite stone ensures your staircase withstands heavy traffic, while its unique grains and patterns make every step a delight. ExcelMG specializes in creating custom granite staircases, perfectly tailored to your design preferences and functional needs.


Granite Flooring: A Foundation of Strength and Style

Granite flooring is a timeless choice for those seeking durability without compromising on elegance. Its high resistance to wear and tear and versatility in design make it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial spaces. At Excel Marble And Granite, we provide a diverse selection of granite flooring options, each promising a long-lasting and visually appealing foundation for your spaces.


Granite Worktops:A Versatile Solution

Beyond kitchens and bathrooms, granite worktops find their use in various spaces. Be it a home office desk, a workshop surface, or a retail counter, granite worktops provide a sturdy and stylish solution. Our skilled stonemasons at Excel Marble And Granite meticulously craft each worktop, ensuring it fits your space and meets your unique needs.


Supplies and Installation of Granite Worktops in London

At Excel Marble And Granite, we celebrate the versatility, strength, and beauty of granite stone. As your trusted local stonemasons, we specialize in the Supplies and Installation of Granite for Kitchen, Bathroom, and Staircases in London. We strive to bring the best quality granite to your homes and workspaces. From selecting the finest granite slabs to crafting them into your desired design, we commit ourselves to deliver excellence at every step.

Sculpting Spaces: Masterful Granite Design & Installation Services

In the hands of ExcelMG's team, granite isn't just a stone—it's a canvas for creativity. Our professionals craft this robust material into stunning staircases, luxurious kitchens, serene bathrooms, and more. We design each project with your vision at the forefront, harmoniously.

Granite Grandeur: Premium Selections for Timeless Elegance

ExcelMG takes pride in curating an extraordinary collection of granite, sourced from the world's finest companies. Each category, bearing its unique blend of colors and textures, promises uncompromised quality and durability. We don’t merely deliver a product, we gift you a legacy carved in stone.