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East Midlands

Located in the heart of England, the East Midlands encompasses cities like Nottingham and Leicester, known for their rich industrial heritage and cultural landmarks.

West Midlands

The West Midlands is a hub for manufacturing and creative industries, boasting a rich industrial past and diverse cultural offerings.

East of England

This region includes cities such as Norwich and Cambridge, blending historical charm with cutting-edge technology and education centers.

North East England

Home to cities like Newcastle and Sunderland, North East England is known for its rugged coastline, vibrant cultural scene, and industrial history.

North West England

Encompassing cities like Manchester and Liverpool, North West England boasts a rich musical heritage, sporting legacy, and thriving arts scene.

South East England

Including cities such as Oxford and Brighton, South East England is known for its academic excellence, seaside charm, and picturesque countryside.

South West England

Home to cities like Bristol and Bath, South West England offers a blend of maritime history, Georgian architecture, and stunning natural landscapes.

Yorkshire and the Humber

Encompassing cities like Leeds and Sheffield, Yorkshire and the Humber is renowned for its scenic landscapes, industrial heritage, and strong community spirit.

Greater London

Comprising the capital city and its 32 boroughs, Greater London is a global hub for finance, culture, and government, including famous areas like Westminster and Camden.