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At ExcelMG, we collaborate with top brands to offer you a wide variety of high-quality stones. As experienced fabricators, we expertly shape these stones to your specifications, ready to enhance your kitchens, bathrooms, staircases, and more. Let us bring a piece of the earth’s story into your spaces, crafted to perfection.

Marble : Icon of Elegance

Marble is like the Audrey Hepburn of stones – timeless, elegant, and stunning. When you have marble countertops or staircases, it’s like having a piece of the Louvre in your home or commercial space. Each vein is like a stroke of abstract art, a masterpiece in its own right, perfectly ready for its close-up on your Instagram feed.

Do you know why architects love coffee? Because it makes them feel “marbelous!” Alright, enough with the puns. Marble has been the go-to material for sculptures and buildings since the Roman times. Imagine having a dinner party and casually mentioning that your countertop shares a material with Michelangelo’s David. Now, that’s a conversation starter!

Granite: The Speckled Wonder

Born from the heart of the earth, granite is like the superhero of stones. It’s as if Mother Nature herself took a paintbrush and speckled each piece uniquely, adding an extra dash of magic to your kitchen countertops and commercial spaces. No two pieces of granite are the same, just like no two snowflakes, fingerprints, or pizzas, and that’s what makes it truly special!

Don’t you just love a good granite pun? They’re simply “gneiss.” But all jokes aside, granite’s resilience is no laughing matter. It’s like the Hercules of stones, withstanding the test of time and fending off stains and scratches with an air of quiet confidence. It’s the kind of countertop you want on your side during a dinner party or a busy day at your commercial establishment!

Quartz: The Multitasker

Quartz is like that friend who’s good at everything they do. Need a sturdy kitchen countertop? Quartz. A sleek bathroom surface? Quartz. A stunning staircase? Quartz again. It’s as if Quartz went to Stone University and aced all its classes. Plus, with its multitude of colours and styles, it’s always dressed for the occasion.

Heard about the quartz who went to a party? It was a “crystal” clear hit! Alright, let’s get serious. Quartz is actually one of the hardest minerals on earth, just below diamonds. So, not only does it have a chic aesthetic, but it’s also durable enough to handle the hustle and bustle of your daily life with grace and longevity.

Limestone: The Ancient One

Limestone is like the grandparent of stones, full of stories from ages past. It has seen dinosaurs roam the earth and been part of the pyramids. Having it in your home or commercial space is like having a slice of history, right there under your morning coffee mug or your customer’s footsteps.

Ever heard about the limestone that went to a comedy show? It had a “rocking” good time! On a more serious note, limestone is known for its natural, earthy tones that bring warmth to any space. It’s like having a bit of the great outdoors, indoors. And with its incredible durability, it’s definitely not just another “old” stone.

Sandstone: The Canva

Sandstone is the world’s canvas. It’s like the plain white tee of stones, simple but never boring. Its subtle colour variations and textures make it an ideal backdrop for your culinary adventures in the kitchen, a tranquil oasis in the bathroom, or a welcoming entrance in the form of a staircase.

Do you know why sandstone doesn’t play hide and seek? Because it always gets “found-ation!” On a serious note, sandstone, with its porous nature, has an uncanny ability to make any space feel more welcoming and warm. It’s like a friendly invitation to touch, experience and connect with the earth’s deep, raw energy.

Excel MG & Globally Trusted Brands

At ExcelMG, we believe in the power of quality. That’s why we’re proud to offer products from globally trusted brands. Each stone we sell is a testament to the craftsmanship and commitment to excellence of these esteemed brands. As fabricators and installers, we bring these remarkable products to life in your spaces.

We’re more than just a stone supplier – we’re your partners in creating beautiful, lasting spaces. Trust in brands, and trust in us, to transform your vision into reality.

6. Commitment to Excellence
Our collaboration with these brands is a testament to our shared commitment to excellence. We strive to provide our customers with only the best in stone materials, fabrication, and installation.
7. Fabrication and Installation
ExcelMG is not just a stone supplier; we are skilled fabricators and installers. We take these top-notch brand materials and mould them into the shapes and sizes you need, ensuring a perfect fit for your space every time.
8. Your Satisfaction, Our Success
Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. By offering products from these trusted brands, along with our expert fabrication and installation services, we aim to exceed your expectations and deliver a finished product that you'll love for years to come.

Global Partnerships for Unmatched Quality

1. Quality That Speaks For Itself
The brands we collaborate with are renowned for their high standards and consistent quality. When you choose ExcelMG, you're choosing a product that's passed rigorous checks and balances to ensure it's nothing short of the best.
2. A World of Variety
Our brand partners offer a vast range of stone materials - from the grandeur of marble to the durability of granite. Whether it's for a kitchen, a bathroom, or a commercial space, we have a stone solution that suits your needs perfectly.
3. Sustainability Matters
Our brands share our commitment to sustainability. They follow ethical mining practices and invest in technologies that minimise environmental impact. When you choose ExcelMG, you're making a choice that's good for you and the planet.
4. Innovation in Stone
The brands we partner with are at the forefront of innovation, continually developing new materials and improving existing ones. This innovation allows us to offer you unique, cutting-edge stone solutions.
5. Design Expertise
Our brands have a keen eye for design and aesthetics. They produce stones that not only serve a practical purpose but also elevate the look and feel of any space. At ExcelMG, we take these stunning materials and tailor them to your individual style.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a stone that matches my decor from these brands?

Of course! These brands offer a diverse range of stones, it’s like a rainbow but in stone form! Whether your style is chic-modern or classic-vintage, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

What makes these brands the best in the stone industry?

Well, just like the finest chefs select their ingredients, these brands cherry-pick the best stones from across the globe. Their commitment to quality is rock-solid, leaving no stone unturned (pun intended) to ensure you get nothing but the best!

Can I really trust these brands for my home?

Absolutely! These brands are like the ‘Mount Everest’ of the stone industry, standing tall with their unwavering commitment to quality and durability. Their stones aren’t just ‘rocking’ in looks but stand the test of time!

Why does ExcelMG choose to work with these brands?

Because we at ExcelMG believe in giving you nothing short of the best! We’ve partnered with these brands for their outstanding quality, superior design aesthetics, and, of course, their rock-solid reliability.

How does ExcelMG ensure the quality of these stones?

At ExcelMG, we’re like stone connoisseurs, handpicking only the finest pieces from these brands. Plus, we perform a “stone dance” (it’s a quality-check, not a real dance) to ensure only the best pieces make it to your home.

How do these brands source their stones?

These brands source their stones from the finest quarries around the world, ensuring that each stone is as unique and exquisite as a piece of art.

How does ExcelMG ensure the quality of these stones?

At ExcelMG, we’re like stone connoisseurs, handpicking only the finest pieces from these brands. Plus, we perform a “stone dance” (it’s a quality-check, not a real dance) to ensure only the best pieces make it to your home.

Is it environmentally friendly to use these stones?

Yes, these brands are committed to sustainable practices. So, while your home gets a style upgrade, you’re also giving Mother Earth a high-five!

Are stones easy to maintain?

Indeed! These brands engineer their stones to be as fuss-free as possible. It’s like having a pet rock – it sits pretty and demands very little!